Media Art by Jens M. Stober


  • fogvolume TOD

    fogvolume TOD

    Deforming and moving illuminated volume filled with fog


  • Grenzwert (Threshold)

    Grenzwert (Threshold)

    Interactive realtime trend indicator

    Today we are used to be surrounded by digital devices. These collect our data all the time. Upon most of this data we do not have personal access. In many cases we cannot avoid the collection of data neither our agreement is wanted nor we always notice a collection consciously.

    “Grenzwert (Threshold)” alerts people to data mining and gives its user the freedom of choice to decide which data will be stored. The interactive work generates data that can be influenced by users in real-time. Instead of hiding an intention, the work presents the data in an unadorned way.

    The interactive installation “Grenzwert (Threshold)” is assembled of two doorframes with attached light barriers. Two displays mounted on both sides above the doorframes show different pairs of icons. Striding a doorframe triggers the light barrier, which counts the passing person. Via an acoustic signal the user gets pointed to the counting. The collected data forms a barometer of public opinion showing as a real-time statistic on a web page. This simplified online illustration gives an instant impression of the locations current mood.

    The user has to decide between one of the two passages. Depending on his decision he commits his opinion, mood, et cetera. For example he can decide on atomic power or green electricity. The user of “Grenzwert (Threshold)” gets the opportunity to act directly on the collected data and the consequentially generated online statistic. He manipulates the outcome by conscious or unconscious decision to pass one of the two doorframes.

  • 3D-Touch


    An interactive, touchable holographic 360°-projection.

  • Virtual Waterfall

    Virtual Waterfall

    A virtual colorful waterfall, projected on the wall of an old quarry. It was part of the exhibition “waldhalt” in a cold snowy winter in the Black Forest near Karlsruhe.

    virtualwaterfall virtualwaterfall2